Why use  playdough with your child?

If your child is one and a half years old, you can start getting to know playdough. At this age, there is already a desire in them to get to know and create new things. At first, the children are afraid to touch the playdough, but then they soon feel it.        Playdough is a playful, craft activity that not only entertains but also unobtrusively develops children. As they play, many of their skills develop.

Developmental effects of playdough

It develops children’s creativity and imagination, because almost everything can be made of playdough. If your child suddenly come up with the idea of shaping a car that has wings and is just eating an apple, don’t be surprised, but rejoice in how creative your child is. Strong kneading of playdough relieves the stress accumulated in children.                                                                                 Improves children’s memory. When they create something from memory the details of the image must be remembered.                                                      Improves eye and hand coordination. This ability is constantly evolving in children and is very important because it is the basis for writing and reading. As children twist playdough pieces and fit different parts together, their fine motor ability develops more and more.

The development of dexterity is also very important, so it is good to keep practicing different dexterity games with children. One of the most popular such practices is playdough.

 Did you know?

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 Be a conscious parent when it comes to developing your child!