What is

Aussie Kidsyard Creative Box?

Aussie Kidsyard Creative Boxes are a children’s educational products that inspires creativity in children and empower parents, care givers and anyone in between to support the development of children.

Each Aussie Kidsyard Creative Box has a unique theme and story about the craft projects to inspire and get the creative juices flowing.
All sets provide hours of fun for preschool and grade school-age kids, as well as parents and grandparents.

Each box contains all the tools you need to make your content happen and allow you to spend quality and fun time together.
The toys in it unobtrusively develop, inspire and encourage kids to be creative.
They develop dexterity, logical thinking, eye coordination and fine motor skills.

It is a super package that immediately arose the interest and creativity of children.
It connects the family because the best thing is to work together.

Each box also has surprises such as colorants, stickers and logical worksheets.

Perfect for rainy days, super hot days, inside days, quiet days, sick days, weekends and school holidays.