Young Learners Australia Craft Box

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Let’s walk around Australia with one of our most popular box themes, the Australia Craft Box for our Young  Learners 4 to 7!

We are so excited to celebrate our beautiful country with some cool hands-on projects that are sure to teach your child all about Australian geography.

Learn all about the beauruful Sydney Harbour Bridge with a fun art activity and get creative creating your very own cute air dry clay echidna and  a dangerous snake that is both creativity and a challenge for skillful hands.

Kids will use  paints and use Aboriginal art and symbols to boomerang.

They can learn about different crafting techniques while they prepare the koala, kangaroo and kingfisher craft package. In the meantime, they can learn interesting things about them.

Do you know the Kingfisher is a Skilled Hunter? Kingfishers are renowned for their exceptional hunting skills. With their keen eyesight and precise dives, they can spot and catch fish with incredible accuracy.

Children will love using their Australian Rainstick. Their imaginations will soar while making it. Rain sticks are fascinating instruments that are constructe using specific materials and techniques to create the unique sound of falling rain. The construction process involves the beautiful decoration of the sticks which are then filled with pebbles or seeds to generate a rain-like sound when the instrument is tipped.

And the many crafts don’t end here. They can test their knowledge in the Australian animal sudoku.


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Our interactive and educational Australia craft box will encourage your child to problem solve, be creative, connect with Australia while having so much fun!

Enjoy watching your children with anticipating with 7 fun theme-based interactive.

Each of our Australian craft box come packed with awesome facts on the theme, as well as any materials and tools needed to create wonderful pieces of art. This kit is filled with  learning fun for your Young Learners.

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  1. Matt

    Wonderful, fun and entertaining craft box. Thanks

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