Writing and Counting Trays


If you’re looking for a product that will help you instil a love of numbers and counting in your child, then look no further. You and your child will spend endless hours of fun using these wooden trays.

These amazing number/counting trays are perfect for learning what numbers look and feel like.

Get exploring (inside and out) with your child to see how many objects they can find that match the value of the number. You can stick to just number learning, or add in letters, shapes and colours too. “Let’s find four (green, round, etc) things that are the same. What makes them the same? Let’s count them together.”

Recommended age is 3 years +

This set includes 10 number trays, representing numbers 0 to 9, packaged in a wooden tray. Made from Rubberwood and finished with natural, child-safe oils.


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We believe that Literacy and Numeracy are essential skills for children development. As an advocate of play based learning, our Literacy and Numeracy range is designed to incorporate these skills into each of the activities in a fun yet educational way for young people.

Beautiful number trays set for children numeracy development. This product is designed for toddlers to have fun with writing, counting. There are many ways that you can use this product with, from filling it with sand for writing or tracing the number to using different materials for counting The board can also be as a filling board with color sands or play dough as a fun toy to learn the numbers. All Qtoys products are made out of Rubberwood, finished with natural child safe oils.

Brand: Qtoys

The Quins Group is a Melbourne-based, Australian owned company that designs and manufactures educational toys, teaching equipment and children’s furniture. Their vision is that a child’s skills of self-learning are critical for the child’s future success in this information age.

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