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Tinta Crayons use 100% Australian beeswax in our crayons. Tinta Crayons support local businesses by sourcing beeswax from independent suppliers in the Yarra Valley. Their crayons are natural and sustainable – they do not use paraffin (as it’s a by-product of petroleum), soy or palm oil waxes to make their crayons. The other organic waxes they use are selected for the qualities they bring to our crayons, without compromising the safety of using natural products. They don’t put any fillers in their crayons – so there is no talc, asbestos or any other nasties lurking in the box!





Get ready to roar with our dinosaur friends at Dino Mountain!

Made with dinosaur-lovers in mind, kids can create their very own dinosaur world with Tinta’s green tyrannosaurus rex, red stegosaurus, orange triceratops, blue diplodocus, black pterodactyl and yellow parasaurolophus! Roooo-aaaaarrrrrr!

Dino Mountain is made in bright & cheerful Original colours.

Tinta Crayons are consciously handmade from scratch, in Australia, using origin besswax, organic plant waxes, and non-toxic colours. No nasties, no paraffin, no palm, no soy – just the good stuff.

The outcome… beautiful, sustainable crayons, best used over hours of free play and creative fun by little hands and big imaginations. We hope you love you Tinta Crayons as much as we enjoy making them.

Their colours do not contain: dyes, additives, preservatives or heavy metals (that’s why they wash off walls!)

All handmade from Australian beeswax by Tinta Crayons.

Each crayon measures approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm and 1cm thick.

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