Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a recommended age group for art and craft boxes?

Aussie Kidsyard boxes is specifically catered to toddlers and preschoolers however can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Our boxes are best enjoyed by 2-8yr olds.

Is adult supervision required?

Yes, all of our products supplies have potential choking hazards and are not recommended for kids under 3. We suggest adult supervision at all times.

Can my youngster complete the Art and Crafts box activity by themselves?

Your toddler or preschooler must have adult supervision, as these kits contain small  activities. The activities are designed for you to complete with your kids so you can guide support and supervise the activity.

Do our prices include GST?

Yes, GST is included in all prices in the online store.

How long will my order take?

All of our products are hand made and are usually completed within 1 – 5 business days. The above time are a guide only and can change depending on our workload at the time you place an order.  The above time do not include shipping/delivery once an order leaves our workshop.  All orders are shipped from Central Coast, NSW. If you place an order that is required urgently, please contact us email so we can advise of our current stock levels and whether or not an order can leave promptly.

Cancelled orders

Once an order has been placed it cannot be cancelled.    Order change requests must be emailed to us at aussiekidsyard@gmail.com , 10% fees are charged for cancelled orders.

Refund policy

Aussie Kidsyard will not refund products ordered in error or for change of mind purchases.  Orders will be deemed correct and completed upon confirmation in the online ordering system.

We will replace faulty items on receipt of the original faulty / damaged product being sent back to our office in Central Coast, NSW.  To request a return & replace faulty items, please email us with your order number, product details and the reason you wish to return the product, including images.  We will then assess your request and write back confirming  if we will accept the return.  Return of items will be at the cost of the customer – we do not cover postage on return & replace items.

Aussie Kidsyard does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen goods during transit. For lost or stolen goods during postage please notify us within 5 days so we can lodge a claim with Australia Post.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

 – Credit/Debit Cards/PayPal

About Qtoys

Qtoys products are made exclusively from plantation and/or recycled timber. Q Toys strictly comply with Australian safety standards. American and European safety standards are also complied with to make sure children have safe play with Q Toys. The paints we use are tested periodically by accredited testing organizations.

About Kinfolk & Co

All products designed from recycled wood mill sawdust, and plant-based biodegradable plastic.

What's the minimum age to use Bio Dough?

Bio Dough is recommended for kids 2 years up

Is Bio Dough gluten free?

Bio Dough contains wheat, do not allow children with gluten sensitivities to use.

What is Bio Dough made of?

Bio Dough ingredients are mainly wheat, salt, oil, water, flavours and food colouring.  All ingredients and equipments are food graded and commonly used in commercial kitchens.

What makes Bio Dough different from the homemade dough?

Bio DoUgh is as safe as the homemade dough with somehow similar ingredients.  But what makes Bio DoUgh so special is it’s unique soft and malleable texture. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do the same at home. Bio DoUgh was developed by food experts and techonoligists to achieve much better texture and longer durability.

Is it safe for my kid to eat it?

Bio Dough testing shows that it is as safe as food, that said, Bio Dough is a toy and not supposed to be consumed. The salty taste wasn’t covered, to discourage consumption.

What is the best way to preserve Bio Dough once open?

We stock lockable and stackable containers to store Bio Dough once kids are done playing. But also it can be placed in any airtight container or zip lock bag and should be kept in a cool dry place.

If it was left in the open and dries do I have to throw it away?

Bio Dough is rehydratable, so if dries, simply add a few drops of water which will bring it back to its original state.

What's the shelf life of Bio Dough?

Bio Dough can last up to 2 years in its original packaging.

How long does it last once open?

It is best to dispose of Bio Dough after 3 months from opening to avoid cross contamination.

What are Tinta Crayons made of?

We use 100% Australian beeswax in our crayons. Our crayons are natural and sustainable – we do not use paraffin (as it’s a by-product of petroleum), soy or palm oil waxes to make our crayons. The other organic waxes we use are selected for the qualities they bring to our crayons, without compromising the safety of using natural products. We don’t put any fillers in our crayons – so there is no talc, asbestos or any other nasties lurking in the box! All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and we make every crayon by hand.

How do you colour the crayons?

We use non-toxic, food-grade pigments to colour our crayons. Our colours do not contain: dyes, additives, preservatives or heavy metals (that’s why they wash off walls!)

What about allergies?

Our crayons do not contain any of the usual suspects (wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts or fish). Please be aware that we haven’t completed any official allergy testing on our crayons.

About Tara Treasure

Beautifully handcrafted, Mindfully made. With a playful mind and heart, Tara Treasures’s products are designed in Melbourne and handmade in the cottage industry in Nepal and made of wool felt from New Zealand (not acrylic felt). Tara Treasures support fair wages for the artisans and communities who produced their lovely wares.