About me

Show your child the wonders of creative creation

My Story

I’m Timea Ivan originally from Hungary, the creator of Aussie Kidyard.

I was born and grew up in Hungary. I graduated as a sociologist from the university and afterwards  I worked with kids and elderly people. I always liked creating useful activities for children. Since I have been giving birth to my son, I am even more interested in natural and educational toys.

I arrived in Australia a few years ago and I an currently living in Central Coast in NSW.
My goal is to help parents and children to make their every day wonderful.
The idea of The Aussie Kidsyard was born to help families spending quality time together.

I believe that the common play and creation time make bonds stronger between family members and give them a long-lasting memory that will be cheerfully mentioned in years later.

I believe that raising and teaching kids cannot be done in words alone. Several researches prove the essential of playing, telling fairy tales, spending time and sharing experience together in the development and upbringing of children.

I am grateful to you for being here on my website because it means you are looking for something new to your child to give more experience in creativity and imagination.